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Puget Sound PNW Collection by Ocean Sky Lab

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Ocean Sky Lab Gallery Shop is a photography and paper goods studio based in Seattle, WA that highlights the beauty of the natural world and celebrates the quiet details of our surroundings.

Because we strongly believe that beauty has the power to enrich our lives and is a strengthening and healing force vital for our well-being, we are committed to creating beautiful products that sprinkle everyday with beauty and delight.

At Ocean Sky Lab, we take pride in offering products that resonate with art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Each piece tells a story and is like a love note for you.


Catherine Goron

About the Artist:

Hello! I'm so glad you're here. I'm Catherine, the artist/photographer at Ocean Sky Lab Gallery Shop.

The name Ocean Sky Lab (OSL) comes from my love for and connection to the natural world, particularly the sea. I currently live in the Pacific Northwest, which largely influences much of my current work. Photography compels me to pay close attention to the marvelous details around us, to capture a sense of beauty in every fleeting moment.

I am a blend of Filipino-American heritage and French influences through marriage and having lived in Paris for five years, so you'll notice Parisian scenes peppered within my collections as well!

Ultimately, weaved into everything I make is a longing to share beauty in all its forms.

For all of you who have stopped by in-person pop-ups, taken the time to chat and share your stories, plans and memories with me, thank you for your kindness and support of my art... I'm so humbled and grateful to know my work connects with you in some way. It helps me remember that making art adds beauty and value to the world, that it matters.

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